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Saturday, October 29, 2005

back to work!!!!!!!

This is what we have scheduled:
Nov. 3. The public debate. This is certainly the most notorious role played by blogs: shaping public issues and shifting certain stories and ideas onto the mainstream radar screen. Are blogs actually transforming society by making it more "open source?"

Just for starters: Jump on salon -- use the day pass, it's easy -- and read the Daou report, which shows you both Lib and con blogs, which is important for our work this week. Read Daou -- and obviously the recommended blogs -- every day fro now untuil class day.
Then, also, jump on Slate's blog feature and look down at the scrollable menu that let's you read previous "Today's blogs." Read a bunch of those. It'll give you a nice feel.

Lastly, I think the "open source" aspect of all this is important, so this might be one of the weeks we really look at the "wiki" pheonomenon.

So refresh your understanding of the most famous wiki.

And then check out this attempt to turn the wiki method loose on a big problem.

Lasty, keep reading here every day. I'm sort of back with a vengeance. Also, if you need face time this week, early mornings will be good for me. Like, what time does Tisane open? I could go there most mornings.


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