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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Last class blues, part 1

I have a long-standing fascination with Myers Briggs personality types as a means of explaining human behavior, and lately I've been dwelling a lot on the distinction between those governed by the thinking side of the axis and those ruled more by feeling.

This brings me to the interesting moment in our penultimate class, when things got a little het up over the subject of the intrinsic merit of blogs and blogging. And, implicitly, the future of blogging.
Not surprisingly, the person who has access to a more vivid palette of feelings thought there had been quite a contretemps, whereas the guy with a high T factor was blissfully unaware that anything had happened. I find that intriguing because they sort of represent two faces of blogging. Brett is sort of the new generation of emo bloggers, and Marc is such close kin to the early, thought-oriented tech bloggers that he unconsciously picked a template closely resembling that of Jason Kottke, one of the guys who tried to cross the bridge from T to F, from early- to middle-periond blogging.

I mention this because, obviously, one topic we should discuss this week is indeed the future of blogging, and I wonder if this dichotomy is in fact part of it.

Thoughts? Feelings?

(I'm going to assign some more reading, but not much, because I assume you're all working on papers, except Marc, who turned his in about three weeks ago. Hah!)


At 7:33 AM, Anonymous colleen said...

I'm a thinker who feels or a feeler who thinks. I took the test and came out on the thinker side, but only barely. Have you ever checked out the Enneagram, preferably Helen Palmer's work? For me, It expains my nature more accurately than any other system. (5)

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