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Saturday, October 08, 2005

A sense of where you are

That was actually the title of a Bill Bradley book about basketball.

This week we'll look at what blogs do (and do not do) to create, deepen and enrich our "sense of place." The blogosphere stretches from here to Tibet, and that indeed is part of its thrillingness.
But we also (may) crave more understanding of where we live, especially in a time when people dart from work to bedroom communities and don't always drink very deeply from the quintessence of their environs. OK, that was a stupid phrase, but I just created my first ever Itunes account, and I'm kind of wacked out from that process. I mean, why didn't I just set up a crack accountwhile I was at it? Do I wanna listen to Jay-Z or Joni Mitchell?

Here are some questions to ponder:
Do CT blogs present a different reality (or set of alternative truths) from what you get in the mainstream media? In your daily coursing through life?
To CT have any kind of "voice"that differs from what you might find in, say, Beaumont, TX?
What's missing? What AREN'T the CT blogs doing that they could be? (This is the biggest question.)

Here are a few must-reads, but share any others you find. Brownie points to those of you who find fascinating CT blogs.

Here's a robotically refreshing state blog catch-all. Poke around in it.

I try to make sure we read alternatives to my own perspective, which this is.

Don't just read this, the best and most far-ranging political blog, but also check out his links.

I stumbled on this person, and wonder if there is more of this kind of thing.

I think we all agreed this was the best blog title.

There are several blogs that are just about one town. This was one, and I was kind of amused by its long goodbye, but dig back and see what they were trying to do.


At 5:14 PM, Anonymous blog browser said...

For a sense of place (literally), you can't beat CT Windows on the Natural World.


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