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Monday, September 26, 2005

ODDS AND ENDS including classmates' ideas

1. make what you will of this.
I especially like:
"Kinja is not aimed at early adopters. Users wanting to analyze patterns of meme propagation, and other sophisticated data, should try the excellent Technorati."

2. File this away for the class on vlogs. The Green Day thing has become a meme, I think.

3. GREAT QUESTION FROM JOE: Today's Profundity: Does a blogsite's environment shape how the inhabitants behave? Would blogger (A) writing on blog (B) sound a little different than blogger (A) would on blog (C)?

4. BRETT SAYS IT'S A MEGA-BLOG. IS IT? Now perhaps allow me to suggest a website which I regard as a blog, but many people do not. Aint It Cool News has been around since 1995 and is a fantastic read. AICN is really the pioneer of the megablog format with their enormous amount of contributors and bawdy talkbacks. During the Presidential election they even got political, with the two moderators fighting over their political views. Check it out.

5. MATT SUGGESTS: I was also curous about how easily it might be to create a meme of our own in order to track its life from birth to death. For example, we have about 15-20 people in our class. If each one of us could get 10 people to repeat a meme that we create on 10 different blog sites, that would be about 2,000 postings by us. Would this be enough to launch something sizable into the blogosphere that could get picked up and repeated by others? IDEA THAT COULD GET COLIN FIRED REDACTED!!!!!!!!! But this is essentially what Kyle Bunch, Jeremy Hermanns, and Greg Johns did with and look what it’s actually turned into!

American Politics Journal -- Quotes of Note for 2004"Can you imagine being potty-trained by Barbara Bush?" -- Colin McEnroe, WTIC,5/5/04 (second tip o' the hat to Jerome Doolittle) - 32k - Cached - Similar pages
BAD ATTITUDES: Why Didn’tI Come Up With That?... show host Colin McEnroe, meditating this afternoon on what made George W. Bush theman he is today: “Can you imagine being potty-trained by Barbara Bush?”. ... - 9k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar pages


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I'm pretty sure the top comment by "anonymous" is a Donald Hall poem...

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