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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Some Slivy Tove Homework Advice on a Frumius Sunday

We're not going to want to spend the whole class on the mega-blogs, so do try to background yourself on memes and think about how they relate to blogs (and whether, somehow, our entire language is being replaced by words from "The Jaberwocky". )

I forgot to list this must-see megablog.
This is another blog for techies, but they also seem to have an interest in the humanities. Some of the entries -- names for things on Mars -- are compelling to a liberal arts creampuff like me. There is also another attempt to create a community, but not quite so Orwellian as Kos. And harder to figure out.
As usual, poke around. See if you can deduce anything about its history.

You may have trouble with Metafilter, which has a notoriously twitchy server.

If Huffington Post doesn't "feel like a blog," decide why not.


At 6:26 PM, Blogger Mattyd said...

The "twitchy" MetaFilter isn't allowing me to view any of the FAQ, Why Suscribe, or any other sections of this blog other than the front page postings. Has anyone found another way in?

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